Improve your work environment

Biow brings vitality to your team and creates an active work environment in your health care
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Turn your office into a high-performance hub

In a world where we have to reconcile more and more, it is essential to be able to solve our tasks in the most efficient way. Biow facilitates the microcirculation and oxygenation of our body, something that is crucial for decision-making processes and mental agility to be at the level that your company demands.
Work environment clean of viruses and bacteria
Biow creates an environment free of nanoparticles and biotoxins that will help you to reduce the incidence of contagious diseases as well as help people with respiratory problems.
Boost your team’s energy and vitality
Biow delivers bioavailable energy to your team’s cells, increasing their energy during the workday.
Less stress, more efficiency
Biow creates a work environment that helps you tomaintain better concentration, a better mood that will facilitate a better reaction of your team to potential problems.

Make your office energetic

Biow emits energy and cleans the working environment of nanotoxicity in a completely silent way. Your team only needs to breathe to fill themselves with vitality and take care of their health.

Biow, your new partner in your company's healthcare

Biow turns your office into an environment that takes care of your team’s health

Biow turns your office into a bioenergetic chamber that generates an active environment in the health care of your team.

Maximum energy efficiency

Biow consumes very little in exchange for a myriad of benefits.

Biow technology reduces the carbon footprint by up to 21% by thermally stratifying spaces, reducing energy consumption for air conditioning.

With the convenience of a renting arrangement including maintentance

We offer renting of Biow equipment to any facility, including maintenance services for a worry-free experience.

Biow Classic Recharge your office

Create an active environment in your team’s health.

It's science backed up
by the best scientists

Biow’s plasma-based technology reduces oxidative stress in your body, decreases the number of senescent cells, improves mitochondrial efficiency, increases protein synthesis, improves telomere activity, and activates your metabolism. Confirmed by numerous scientific studies.

The Future of Workplace Healthcare is here