The Power of Plasma

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Pure energy for your body

We understand that our cells need energy to work properly. But how can we provide them with that energy safely and effectively?

Plasma is the fourth state of matter, where atoms ionize, releasing electrons. This highly energetic form is found in phenomena such as the Northern Lights and played a pivotal role in the creation of life on Earth, thanks to its ability to generate crucial chemical reactions. Plasma is a fascinating cosmic force that persists in various natural and cosmic events.

How does it work?

Biow is a device that emits energy and improves your body simply by breathing

Step 1

Eliminates the biotoxicity breathed

Step 2


It emits energy that reaches your cells through your breath and skin

What happen in your body?

Your cells do not take away your energy, they don’t generate free radicals, reduce oxidative stress throughout the body and without side effects.


Biow benefits

Multiply your energy
Slows down the effects of aging
Takes care of you while you sleep
Improve your breathing and rest

Where is it installed?

Biow is installed in your room, turning it into a bioenergetic chamber that silently takes care of you while you rest. Biow operates 24/7.


Minimum power consumption

Less than £2 per month with 24/7 use

Biow is awarded at the XV World Congress of Plasma Medicine in New York

Take advantage of the full power of plasma

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