Quality policy

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BIOW EXPOSOMICS S.L.U., is a company dedicated to the design, manufacture, commercialisation and technical assistance of cell regeneration units for the prevention and management of respiratory, dermatological and cardiovascular pathologies, as well as other equipment for the comprehensive treatment of air quality.

In our eagerness to achieve a higher quality in our products and services and because of our commitment to act with the greatest proactivity towards the care of the environment that surrounds us, we have established the following maxims to be fulfilled within our company:

  • To ensure the satisfaction of our customers based on a correct treatment in which the customer is always satisfied with our products, our services and the environmental performance we perform.
  • Comply with all the requirements imposed by our clients, as well as all those of a legal nature that were required of us or others that our own organization subscribes.
  • Commit to continuously improving our quality and environmental management system, transferring these same values to our products.
  • Incorporate risk management in the management of all processes relevant to the quality of our products and services, as well as in environmental management, minimising as much as possible the impact on the environment of our activities.
  • To achieve a high level of competitiveness in our markets based on the trust and loyalty of our customers and on the offer of attractively designed and energy-efficient products.