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When you're healthy on the inside, it shows on the outside

Biow creates a bioenergetic chamber in your room, kills viruses and bacteria, and emits bioavailable energy that reaches your cells through your breath and skin. Biow recharges your body with energy by increasing your vitality, helps to clear your airways, to sleep better and strengthen your immune system. If you notice it, others do too.
Increase your cellular energy  by up to 7 times
Reduces oxidative stress and slows the effects of aging
Create a regenerative environment that takes care of you while you rest
Removes nanotoxicity from the environment and  improves your breathing and rest

Breathe, let Biow recharge you

Biow is located in your bedroom and works by emitting energy. You don’t have to do anything, just breathe to recharge your energy cells.

With Biow you sleep in the healthiest place on the planet

Biow creates a biotoxin-free environment in your room that helps you clear your airways, facilitate nasal breathing, activate your respiratory system, and improve blood oxygen transport. Feel the air flowing inside you again.

Level of bioavailable anions in nature

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Sleep. Get more and better rest

Biow works silently to help you improve oxygenation in your cells and increase muscle relaxation to help you sleep better and deeper.

Biow Antiox PRO Recharge

Designed to decrease oxidative stress and increase the energy that reaches your cells through your breath and skin.

Biow has a positive impact on people's daily well-being

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92% of Biow users reported improvements in their quality of life in the first month



Breathing Improvements


Reduction of rhinitis and mucus


Reduction of snoring


Improved sleep


Improved physical energy
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