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Biow helps you reach peak performance through rest
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The future of sports recovery
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Rest is a key factor in your sports training. In this phase, your body recovers energy and produces muscle growth. Biow creates a bioenergetic chamber in your room that regenerates your cells, charges you with energy, and helps you reach peak performance during your invisible workout.
Biow is recommended by the Spanish Olympic Committee for the improvement of sports performance and recovery
Increase your energy up to 7 more times
Biow delivers bioavailable energy to your cells by increasing mitochondrial efficiency, which is the basis for producing the energy needed to renew your cells
Eliminate nanotoxicity in your sleeping area
Biow creates a nanoparticle- and biotoxin-free environment that clears the airways, facilitates the transport of oxygen in the blood, and increases erythropoietin (EPO) without altering the haematocrit
Create a regenerative environment that acts while you rest
Biow promotes oxygen exchange and electron transfer, allowing you to achieve more ATP and less oxidative stress

Increase your energy exponentially

Incremento de la producción de energía (ATP) a nivel celular

energia-celular-tabla-1 english

Reduces oxidative stress and helps modulate muscle inflammation

Reduction of oxidation in proteins and lipoproteins
antioxidante-tabla-1 english

Improves protein synthesis
and muscle growth

Increase in protein synthesis capacity: ratio p-p70S6K/p70S6K
mejora-sintesis-proteinas-tabla-1 english

Boost your immune system
and extend your sports life

Decrease in free radical generation
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Breathe and rest better. Speeding up your recovery times will help you to give your best

Biow Oly & Biow Sport Reach the highest level of sport

Specially designed for athletes looking to accelerate their recovery after training and improve their sports performance.

State-of-the-art science and technology applied to sport

Biow’s plasma-based technology reduces oxidative stress in your body, decreases the number of senescent cells, improves mitochondrial efficiency, increases protein synthesis, improves telomere activity, and activates your metabolism. Confirmed by numerous scientific studies.

Biow helps you achieve maximum

“With Biow I recover better after training and with less pain”

Salma Paralluelo

FC Barcelona player, world champion with the Spanish National Football Team and Athlete
“My performance and recovery are much better since I’ve been trusting Biow”

Roberto Bautista

Professional tennis player. Gold and bronze medal at the 2019 Mediterranean Games
“With Biow I recover much better between games, in a schedule that requires me to play every 3 days”

Raúl Albiol

Villareal CF player
“What Biow provides to an athlete, along with an adequate diet, is the restoration of all the parameters that are associated with cell regeneration, such as increased energy production and improved antioxidant capacity. This makes the body function and recover in an optimal way, achieving maximum performance”

Héctor Usó

Dir. Medical Services Villarreal C.F.

Sports professionals trust Biow


The future to improve and extend your sporting life
is here