The Dream of Longevity

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Longevity and well-being
as a life goal

The human species has always sought longevity, not only with the aim of lengthening life, even pursuing the myth of eternal life, but also seeking well-being. To live longer but also to live better, with more energy, more vigour, and fewer aches and pains.

How science helps you
reverse aging and feel better

Thanks to science, we now know much more about aging. The latest scientific and technological advances lead us to hope for a spectacular advance, not only in our life expectancy, but also in our well-being.

Why do we age?

While it is true that there are genetic factors, the body ages due to the wear and tear that accumulates on the tissues over the years. Waste products accumulate in cells, reserve systems fail, repair mechanisms gradually break down, and the body slowly wears out.
Biow acts on 6 of the 9 causes of aging


Some cells stop dividing but don’t leave, releasing signals that can contribute to aging and age-related diseases. Taking care of our cells is key to healthy aging!


Our cellular “energy factories” can become less efficient over time, affecting our vitality.


Keeping our proteins in good condition is essential, as their defective accumulation can contribute to aging and neurodegenerative diseases.

of the
telomere chain

Imagine that the ends of our chromosomes shorten with each cell division, limiting our ability to replicate.



Small signals that can change the way our genes work overtime, influencing how we age.


Changes in the way our cells communicate can affect our body’s coordination and response to different signals.

Stem cell

Over time, regenerative cells get tired and can’t repair our body as efficiently due to accumulated wear.



Our genetic code undergoes changes, such as typos, that can contribute to aging and increase the risk of disease.



An unbalanced diet affects the functioning of our cells, influencing the aging process.

How to Reverse Aging and Feel Better Thanks to Biow

Biow recharges us with energy while we sleep. The increase in energy production promotes a deeper and more restful rest, strengthens your immune system and reduces oxidative stress. This is a key factor in the aging process and health development.

Biow, a pioneering scientific project

In 2012 we began researching air and its effects on cell regeneration and oxidative stress. We found that by modifying the air, we could directly influence the body’s recovery process, increase its energy, help it regenerate and feel better.

We developed the technology under the utmost scientific rigour, subjecting our first model to clinical trials achieving very satisfactory results, so much so that we ended up installing our technology in hospitals.

Biow makes
longevity dream come true

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